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For someone who has recently acquired a pool or moved in to a house with a pool, there are several things that need to be done for its maintenance. It requires regular checks and a lot of commitment. However, for new pool owners below are a few ways for maintaining a pool.

1. Keep it clean

It is important to keep your pool clean. You must check your filters regularly and clean them with the backwash method. Also check for PH levels, if they are too high the water may get cloudy and if they are too low the pool may start rusting. In addition to this, you should also manually clean your pool by picking leaves and debris fallen in the water. Hence, you can easily find a shop in Townsville with pool supplies for cleaning.

2. Run necessary tests

You must test the pool water after regular time intervals. You can test alkalinity with PH level tests and chlorine levels with DPD chlorine kits. Also check for oxidizer and stabilizer levels. You must also visibly inspect the pool water for clarity and color.

3. Add your chemicals

There are several things added in to the pool water to make it safe for swimming. You should add chorine to prevent algae growth in the water and PH increasers to maintain the alkalinity levels in the water. Also other things such as algaecide, cyanuric acid and many more are added to the pool for maintenance and usage purposes.

Therefore, follow these tips.