Courtesy: nationalstorage

For someone getting crockery items from wholesale, it is important to remember cleaning them before use. However, it can be a long and tiring process if one has a lot of dishes to wash. Here are a few tips, mentioned below, for cleaning wholesale crockery.

1. Remove stains

No one likes stains on their crockery. If you have glass crockery to clean, you can put it in water and ammonia, one spoon, for the night. However, if it is tea cups you can use thirty percent hydrogen peroxide in water, with a punch of ammonia to remove the stain in ten minutes. However, using a cotton cloth soaked in baking soda can also be an easy way to remove stronger stains.

2. Wash them as soon as possible

After having dinner you must wash the crockery as soon as possible rather than leaving them behind for the next day. It will become harder to clean them as it becomes dry.

3. Dry it yourself

Rather than placing crockery on a shelf to dry out itself, you should wipe it with a cotton cloth and dry it yourself.

4. Store them properly

It is important to properly store your cutlery properly to keep it safe from any marks or scratches. You can store silver plates and glasses in tissue paper and newspaper. Also avoid using rubber bands as they might lead to scratches on your plates.

Therefore, you must follow these tips to properly clean both your fine and commercial crockery.