If you’ve finished setting up your business, you may need lanyards. But if you aren’t sure about the style and length, you need to consider before purchasing one. It can be difficult to choose the right length as lanyards are available in various styles. Here are a few things to consider before you purchase one.

1. Think about the Style – You have a lot of options to choose from. If you’re looking for something simple then you have the option to choose between round and fabric. If eco-friendly is what you’re looking for, then you have the likes of polyester, nylon, recycled plastic or bamboo. For fancy looking, you can choose between beaded or leather. Meanwhile, you can also decide to opt for awareness lanyards which help to promote your business and create a positive brand image.

2. Length – 36 inches is the length of a standard lanyard along with different widths.

3. Finishing – The end of your lanyard can be either sewn, crimped or add beads on it.

4. Attachment – You’ll need some sort of attachment to the lanyard. You can choose from different attachments like bulldog clips, phone loops, split key attachment, lanyard hook or swivel hooks.

5. Color and Logos – Adding a color to lanyard is a big thing to consider. You can add a shade of your own choice. Logos like display and graphics can also be added according to your preference.

Once you’ve decided with what style you want, you can get the best quality. The price becomes cheap if lanyards are bought in bulk.