Flag lapel pins have been in use back during the civil war. The flag pin has decreased and increased in popularity throughout history. In recent years, the flag lapel pin has increased in popularity and the introduction of modern machinery has made it cheap and easy to make. Given below are the reasons why lapel pins have increased in popularity

Shows your patriotism – Since after the civil war, lapel pins in the USA have been used to showcase the wearers support for the country. Even in recent years, having a flag lapel pin showcases your patriotism.

Brings a nation together – The popularity of flag lapel pins tend to increase during times of disaster and war. This is especially notable in the fact that many government officials began to wear lapel pins after the September 11 attacks and during the Gulf War.

Not just an accessory –  A lot can be derived from the way a flag lapel is worn. This can be easily noted from the large backlash and criticism President Obama received when he decided to not wear a flag lapel.

Flag lapels will continue to be of great importance even in the future since it displays your personality, opinions and patriotism. The trend to Buy lapel pins and wear them has never been a style but rather informs people a lot about yourself.