Investing in real estate has many "moving parts," if you will. It's not just about price or location or rentability. It's less about granite countertops and more about cash flow. After all, most people don't set out to buy a new family car and come home with a front loader. The following steps are sound advice for anyone interested in real estate investment, new or seasoned. You can read more useful tips of real estate investments at

Step 1: Determine Your Needs

Your needs aren't your neighbors, your brother's or your spouse's. They're you and yours alone. Before you being investigating potential investment properties, you'll want to be clear on exactly what your needs are.

Step 2: Work With a Real Estate Professional Specializing in Investment Buyers

They understand that there's a delicate balance between all of the elements in an investment or rental property purchase: finances, aesthetics, geography, holding period, current portfolio holdings, historical rental data, and rentability. Not only that, but there's a high likelihood that the professional just might be an investor themselves and constantly on the lookout for property that fits an investor's bill.

Step 3: Be Ready to Walk Away

Real estate investment is a business.  Therefore, in every business situation, you have to be prepared to walk away from the table. If negotiations on price and seller concessions go south, if an inspection report comes back unfavorable – be ready to walk away and onward and upward.

Step 4: Run the Numbers: Very few people just stumble into owning profitable investment property. When it comes to finding appropriate rental/income properties, there's definitely a little math involved.