This is the type of question which would definitely affect interest or even excite any one selling mobile phones. They can be dealing in brand new or old phones. Most people discard old phones upon breaking down. They perceive them to be of no monetary value at all. However these phones can fetch some cash as there are some dealers specializing in them. Some companies accept back old phones when shipped back to them. Actually they pay a nice fee for them.Then they replace some parts or maybe buy powerbank chargers etc. One can make a career out of selling these phones especially in bulk. It's prudent to know where the dealers are, especially by viewing their websites.  They guide you on what they basically do and how you can ship the phones for rewards.
There is another clique of people who deal with brand new phones. Here, they need to import them from the countries of origin or companies and their affiliates. Companies give the sellers margins whether they buy for wholesale or for direct sale. Marketing is done by firms assigned by the manufacturers.
One of the biggest businesses you can enter today is to be a mobile phone vendor. If you have a good amount of capital and you have a good marketing strategy for your store, you can actually succeed in the business of selling mobile phones. Here are some simple yet important things that you should definitely consider before starting your business. Implementing these properly will help you create a good foundation for it. So, first off, take the time to do your research and set up your shop in a location that makes it easy to attract potential customers.
This is actually very basic among all types of businesses and is a must. Next, provide additional services such as repairs and the like to augment your retail store. Lastly, when hiring staff, always make sure that you train them to be friendly, approachable, cooperative, and professional while being good salespeople as well.