There are so many reasons people get headaches, such as dehydration, allergies or even stress.  Because there are so many triggers for headaches it is hard for many doctors to determine what those triggers may be.  Many times the solution to the headache problem is to take medication.  However taking medications can lead to other health issues, especially if the medications are taking for long periods of time.  Taking medications helps to give a quick solution to get rid of your headache, however it does not provide a long term solution.  Nor does it help to solve the question of why you are getting your headache.  

Did you know that chiropractors can help to relieve headaches as well as tell you why you may be getting headaches?  When the natural “C” curvature of your neck is compromised it can cause compression on nerves as well as cause muscle inflammation in the neck and shoulder area.  If you suffer from headaches I would recommend making an appointment with your local San Diego Chiropractor and getting an examination to see if there is any compression on your nerves and to ensure your curvature is in proper alignment.  Chiropractic is a natural way to help relieve headaches without having to take medications.  Remember natural healing takes time, so you may not get the quick results you see with taking medications, but you are finding a solution to the problem and working to correct the problem rather than covering up your symptoms.