A written assignment is another system of classroom test and like tests and examinations, it's a work product for students which can be designed with a specific purpose in mind. As an instructional strategy, a written assignment can be a process of engaging students in the process of learning, whether they are asked to write something in class or complete an assignment as homework. Many students in Sydney are taking help from Homework help sydney for getting higher grade in the class.

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Through submission of written assignment students can demonstrate their progress, knowledge acquisition, cognitive abilities, and academic skill sets. This provides an instructor with a chance to assess their developmental needs, supply resources, and adapt teaching methods as required to address their needs.

The very best assignments are the ones that were developed through a process of careful planning, anchored with a definitive purpose. The following steps present a process that will assist you to create written assignments that the prompt maximum performance.

Step One: Learning Objectives

What objectives are established within the course syllabus?

What are the specific learning objectives for this specific week?

Step Two: Identifying a Purpose

After establishing the overall guiding objectives, another step in a well-developed plan requires the establishment of an identifiable function.

Begin by asking:

What is the purpose of this assignment?