If you have a tree in your property that is tall, old or has branches that have the potential to damage your property or your neighbors, you might want to work to secure the trees. Why?

If you don't take care of your tree and it damages your property, your insurance company can call you negligent. You can also get the best tree removal service via http://www.treekingofli.com/tree-removal/

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Each policy is different, so ask for clarification from your insurance provider if your homeowner's insurance contract is unclear.

But according to lawyers, you can be held responsible if your tree is dead or dying, the tree falls on your neighbor's land, and you do nothing to prevent property damage.

In addition, your neighbors can file a lawsuit against you for alleged negligence. If you find that you are legally responsible for damage to your neighbor's house, your operator will pay compensation to the limit of your policy.

Likewise, your neighbor submits a liability claim to your homeowner's insurance policy. If you can prove that you have successfully defended your tree or strengthened it, you can defend yourself against accusations of negligence.

So what are the other potential scenarios when it comes to trees and homeowner's policies?

Snowstorms or ice causes trees or limbs to damage your house, garage or fence. Most insurance companies will pay for all the damage.

They will also pay to eliminate the tree. If your tree falls or branches break and don't damage anything, the insurance company will not pay to transport your tree.