The world looks upon India as the cultural mother bed, something that is steeped with knowledge, while at the same time having solid roots into everything that is to deal with heritage. However, it is also said that the people lack creativity, and therefore you come across Amit Ambalal paintings, that it is an oxymoron. The best part about the Amit Ambalal paintings is the fact that it is not only striking to look at and bears a very good resemblance to the local culture and heritage, but it is also a product of creativity from a land that does not see a lot of it.

Of course there are other painters that have been able to make a mark, particularly MF Hussain, but then that has not been a second tier painter that has captured the imagination of people like Amit Ambalal. Well, a quick look at his paintings and you will be able to understand that this year is a person that not only benefits from proper painting techniques, but definitely brings about a lot of change in how people look at proper painting. Therefore, if you are in and around the state of Gujarat, do visit a local gallery and witness the beauty of Amit Ambalal paintings.