If you are a suffer from Claustrophobia I am sure you have had the experience of having varying forms of Claustrophobia Symptoms.  For many people, these symptoms can be harsh enough to have an adverse effect on your quality of life. 

It is important to understand what is taking place within your mind as you are having a Claustrophobia attack.  In some sense, your subconscious mind is playing a cruel trick on you.  Your subconscious has learned that by taking control of your emotions it is able to get you to flee the current situation. You can prefer to visit http://myclaustrophobia.com/ to know about  Claustrophobia and its cure.

The obvious cruel trick that is being played is that usually after the Claustrophobia attack most people can look back at the situation and acknowledge that there was no real danger to be worried about.  This tends to send a very confusing message to most people because they know prior to being in the situation that there is no reason for worry and they can look back after an event and acknowledge there was no reason to worry.

Once you understand (and accept) that your Claustrophobia Symptoms are all being controlled by your subconscious you can start to work on a Claustrophobia Cure.  One of the best ways to take back control of your reaction to a Claustrophobia situation is with the use of self-guided hypnosis.