The primary show of this Cartoon was aired on channel five in the UK in 2004. Now you can found it on Nick Jr and on other TV channels around the globe. It’s a series of episode with each series includes 52 five minutes episodes. Each episode depicts the routine exercises of Peppa Pig and friends. She has many friends like Rabbit, cat, pets, elephants etc., with whom she enjoys swimming, going to playground and visiting to grandparents. Peppa Pig full episodes can be found easily on YouTube Peppa Pig channel and Other Kids entertainment channels like Nick Jr or Nickelodeon.

Parents as well as their children enjoy watching it, as they associate the story in the episode with themselves. You might have watched that particular episode in which the Peppa wrecks to her Mummy’s computer. All these activities on this show brings enthusiasm in the parents as well in the children and encourages them to watch it.

More about characters: other characters include Mr. Bull is a taxi driver, Mr. Potato acts originally as potato so as to encourage the kids to have healthy food daily however He is disliked by His boss for misguiding the children. Sweet Cranberry, little sprout and Mrs. Carrot are his good friends. While Dr. Brown Bear is a Doctor. Snowman formed by Peppa Pig and her brother.

This series of animated show has bagged many prizes from British Academy Children’s Awards and has been nominated number of times for other Pre-school Animation Awards.

You can purchase Ubisoft developed Peppa Pig Games from Gaming stores or from the online shopping websites. Books, DVD’s of Peppa pig Episodes are also available in the market.