When we used it on various jobs and took out the Bosch Orbital Sander, one thing kept coming back to us – this sander is quickly and feels amazing! Also, it does. You feel like you can get more work done since you don’t spend plenty of time “ moving your hands about to remain cozy or fidgeting.” 100% of your focus is the best way to get the business done and on where to place the sander. We found that it immediately ate away at the wood that was old, and frankly tougher, than my grandma when we used the sander to an antique church pew that needed to be stripped and sanded. The dust collection canister functioned nicely, though its clock wills clean with regards to efficacy. We also used the sander on some 3/4-inch decking used to make a period for a community center This decking needed to be smoothed out for carpeting as well as for matching the repair plywood to the first tongue and groove, but we also needed to round out the corners of the wood overhangs to fit the bullnose appearance of the present stairs. The ROS65VC was smoothed out every little wood we're able to throw at it and excellent. Bosch ROS65VC has been voted the best random orbital sander.

Anti-shaking technology continues to be making its rounds. We’ve seen it on reciprocating demo hammers and saws, and today it appears to be making its solution to the orbital sander that is classic. In our view, this can be one that individuals expect can sell some products and an incredibly welcome feature. Therefore it becomes normal in the longer term. The Bosch ROS-65VC only feels correct – not like a proof of concept or first-generation product. It comes refined and well-polished. For that, we found it readily earned a 9/10 in our Performance evaluation scale. Bosch is charging a premium because of its vibration control technology, and so it scored an average 5/10 assessment for dropping in this kind of merchandise. The middle of the high-end pack for It can be a tad expensive, but you might be getting quality with this specific merchandise, as well as for anyone professionals that are seriously interested in their orbital sanders that are corded, this can be planning to be tough to pass up.