People often don’t spend much time or money on the covers of a book. However the aesthetic appeal of the book is what attracts the readers in the first place. A poorly designed book can lead to losing several potential readers. Here’s a quick guide to design appealing covers for the amateurs:

  • Inspiration or plagiarism

There is always an inspiration behind every art, take out a moment to appreciate it and then start with your own unique design. There is a fine line between plagiarism and inspiration – feel free to look at other people’s work but never copy it.

  • Type style and fonts

Try not to settle for the preinstalled fonts and style styles within the software. Look for new fonts online and download them. It is always suggested that you should not use more than 2 different fonts. Instead use the variations in the font family such as thin and thick.

  • Alignment

Choosing the right alignment according to your design is the key to achieving the ideal cover when you print a book. There are four options available for aligning however centre alignment is most popular. Everything should be done on purpose and not left because you were lazy.

  • Meaningful Words

Use strong words such as win, love, power and make them bold and big this will grip readers.  These words speak louder than images and your work gets done faster than ever.

Typographic designs and strong images also add on to any design. The desired content can be achieved with a little guidance.