Refrigerators are an appliance that every household requires and uses on a daily basis. When you are so heavily dependent on a particular machine it is important that you understand how it works. The following are interesting facts regarding refrigeration mechanics:


Energy Used For Refrigeration Accounts For 12% Of The Total Household Electricity Bill

It has been observed that commonly the energy used by a refrigerator is approximately 12% of the total energy being used by a household. As explained by the refrigeration mechanic Adelaide expert companies have, the energy consumption of a refrigerator goes up significantly if the door is frequently opened. This is because each time the door is opened half of the cool air escapes. Hence, the refrigerator has to regain the set temperature, leading to greater consumption of energy.

Freon Has Been Replaced By HCF-22 And HCFC-14

Freon has successfully been used as a cooling solution for several years until it was found responsible as one of the leading ozone depleting agents. Freon is now being replaced by the HCF-22 or the HCFC-14.  These two coolants are eco-friendly and safe for humans.

The Most Economical Fridges Are The Energy Star Fridges

Several fridges are now becoming a popular choice among households especially for those who want to cut down costs. This makes it an ideal choice for all the socially responsible individuals/families as well. Modern refrigerators do not limit its benefits to reduced economic and environmental cost but also helps to improve the overall indoor air quality, limit waste production and help save space.

Modern technology is changing the mechanics of refrigeration and is improving them for the better. Individuals should consider investing in this new technology in order to benefit from it.