Sabah district in Malaysia is known for different activities and festivities all over the year. Some of the festivals and celebrations that you should not miss this August are:

Courtesy: travel.spotcoolstuff

1. Dinner on the sky:

You can have this unique experience of having dinner in the sky. For this experience you are raised 150 feet in the air. There you get a bird’s eye view of the city and its surroundings and you can enjoy extraordinary Italian dinner. Sutera Harbour Resort is considered one of the best restaurants for this experience.

2. Asia Mountain Bike Series

Asian Mountain Bike series lasts for two exciting days at Pisompuruan Square, Tambunan. This event is organized by Tambunan Cycling Association and Sabah State Cycling Association. In this event bikers from all over the world participates including Nepal, Philippines, Japan, and Indonesia and so on. The participants from all corners of the world compete for the champion’s jersey.

3. Sandakan Day Memorial

On 15th August every year locals gather in the Sandakan memorial to honor their loved ones and lay wreaths. In 1945 many of the British and Australian prisoners of war gave their lives. This museum is built on the exact location that was once a camp for these prisoners. People from all corners of world take the Sandakan day tours to honor and remember the fallen heroes who suffered horribly due death marches that took place from Sandakan to Ranau. 

These are top activities and festivities that locals celebrate and are considered amongst top tourist attractions.