Fitness is often misunderstood among people who are new to it. Therefore, we have written this article to help you overcome this issue by providing you with 4 easy tricks that you can use for better fitness.

To align your neck and prevent injury when you are doing an abdominal crunch, it will be a good idea to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth during the upward movement. 

A simple tip to intensify the effectiveness of your body weight exercises is to do them slowly. Instead of doing a push-up in 3 seconds, you can slow down the movement and aim to complete one rep in 10 seconds. This slow movement will cause your muscles to work harder.

Use a variety of exercise machines for your cardio regime. Some great machines that you can use would be the treadmill, elliptical, and rowing machine. This will help to train different muscle groups in your body to provide a more complete workout. To add intervals to your running cardio routine, you can use the bowflex max m7. This machine is specifically designed for this purpose and all you need is just 14 minutes on it to get an intense cardio workout going.

If you find it boring to work out on your own, you can consider joining a fitness meetup group or participate in exercise classes offered by your community centre to meet like-minded people. By networking with fitness minded people, you will be able to learn new tricks to make your fitness routine more effective.

Fitness does not have to be complicated. With these 4 easy tricks, you will be able to get better results from your fitness routine.