The Residential Plumbing Service Industry Is Under Attack

We'd pending legislation back in 2013 in Washington State that could have ceased false advertisements of plumbing services to the customer by people who weren't licensed but… we never got it passed. The reason it failed was that no one but the cheaters had some interest in the bill. To find the best details about plumber service you may click here

Why You Need Trustworthy Plumbing Services  

Deficiency of effective plumber permit authorities in Washington State is changing a skilled licensed trade to a commercial con game costing consumers and skilled craftsmen dearly.

The Problems Affecting Licensed Plumbers and Plumbing Contractors:

1. Unlicensed Plumbers – inefficient enforcement of plumber licensing

2. Fake Plumbing Firms – General Contractors Advertising Plumbing Services

3. The Expense of Advertising – Is extremely high because of unfair competition from the unlicensed

4. Lack of Consumer Awareness – They do not understand that actual plumbers are a certified trade. (Drain cleaners are not plumbers)

5. Other transactions wishing to do plumbing services – i.e. Builders, General Contractors and the HVAC trades

Through the years there is a concerted effort by people not in the plumbing trade to violate the law which limits who may participate in the trade. The assault on the plumber and the plumbing contractor has come from several directions.

 A plumber license reflects decades of research, certified training and official permission to participate in a regulated profession.

The dictionary defines permit as "a consent granted by competent authority to engage in a business or occupation or in an activity otherwise unlawful". A permit excludes others by legislation.