As any physician will let you know, breastfeeding your baby for at least the starting 6 months of their lives is the best. But, when you've chosen for whatever reason to not breastfeed but rather bottle feed as an alternative, some baby formula nutrition tips will help you to determine the best baby formula.

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Listed below are some baby formula nutrition tips which may be of your interest when trying to determine which formula will offer the maximum health benefits to the baby. It is very important to know that every baby's system differs.

Sometimes, a formula for one baby may not work with yours and vice versa. Don't make a massive investment in the supermarket store on formula until you decide which suits your infant the best.

Milk-based formulations seem to be the people’s most obvious choice for their infants, but it can result in severe constipation as well as a future milk allergy.

There are so many top manufacturers for its formulations with the highest nutritional value. If your baby spits up very frequently, consider giving him formula with added rice starch.

Once your baby reaches the age of 12 months, they are able to regulate from formula to vitamin D complete milk. You should never try to give your baby routine dairy food until the age of 12 months since they are more prone to milk allergies at that time.