Shilajit has a number of health improvement properties which people of all ages can benefit from. If you would like to improve your energy levels and improve your memory and overall health then you might as well want to give this product a try. Shilajit originates from the himalayas and it is often nicknamed as sweat of the mountains.

It is rich in ionic trace minerals that can benefit you in various ways. The only thing being, you have to buy it from reliable sources so that you can be assured of not only a great quality product but also, something that is indeed shilajit and not a fake product sold and promoted as shilajit.

Regardless of where you buy shilajit from, the first thing that you should do is learn how to distinguish real shilajit from a fake one and the best way for you to proceed would be by visiting a website that would provide you with tips on identifying real shilajit in its purest form.

There are several youtube videos too that explain what you should be looking for in a shilajit sample that would determine its purity as its only pure himalayan shilajit that would provide you with results that you may be yearning for.

Some of the things to look for would be the colour and texture of the sample advertised as shilajit. Natural pure himalayan shilajit is dark in color and has a solid appearance though not as hard as a rock.