Business Process Analysis (BPA) is a system that helps a company operate more efficiently so that they may cut back on costs, save more resources and be of better service to their customers. 

Using different processes, businesses are able to revolutionize end-to-end activities that make customers experience more useful and removing any unnecessary work for the business. Basically, think of BPA as a map.

When you use a map, you are able to see the entire picture of where you want to go. However, each of those roads within the map is a link that will get you to where you want to go.

You can then weed out the roads that may be inefficient with roads that make the trip easier and quicker. You can also get more information about business process analysis at

The same thing goes with a BPA. Once everything has been mapped out, a company is then able to see the entire picture.

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They can remove workers or materials that may not be needed in order to reach their goal; customer euphoria.

As a company is working on a project, process analysis is the concept of reading and acting upon information as it flows into the system.

In other words, when new feedback comes into the company, how the read the data will affect how they react to the data. This is one of the most critical details of any project.

A company needs to be able to take a set of data and be able to process what it means and then take the necessary action.