There are different types of social media platforms that can be used for different purposes but the majority of them are designed to socialize with others. You will be expected to create an account on almost every social media platform out there in order to be able to contact other individuals or even be able to add your friends and family.

The majority of people use social media platforms just to interact with each other and to have fun so that they can do away with their boredom by interacting with other individuals sharing the same passion. However, there are better uses for social media platforms especially those that offer professional features.

For example, LinkedIn is a popular social media platform that can be used for a professional purpose. You can create an account and upload your profile so you can interact with other professionals who share the same background and belong to the same profession as you do.

You can find an example profile on LinkedIn at which shows that the intention of such profiles has nothing to do with socializing with friends or family but it is entirely based on professional goals. It therefore depends upon who the user is on every social media platform as each of them can be put to a different use depending upon your goals.