Cable ties were introduced in 1950s initially they were used in aviation industry.  Now they are used for various purposes which are very different from its original use. These are still used frequently in most of the industries. Cable ties are now made from different materials and they are also available in different colour, sizes and shapes. Below are few ways to use cable ties for spicing your home décor:


1. Vases

You can easily use coloured cable ties to redecorate old vases and to give them a dynamic look. It is suggested to wrap coloured cable ties around the vase and cut off the extra. By using different coloured ties you can decorate your vase according to different seasons.

2. Making festive garlands for Christmas

Garlands are considered a great way to decorate your home and add seasonal touch to your home on Christmas. Red and green coloured zip ties can be used to make different but unique looking garlands and to give them a fresh look you can add fresh flowers to the garland.

3. Wreaths

You can easily make a wreath by using just one zip tie to make base of wreath then add more zip ties to make a beautiful wreath for your house.

4. DIY bowel

As a “do it yourself” project you can easily can a bowel at home using coloured zip ties. Bowels or dish made up of zip ties can be utilized as decoration pieces or something you can serve candies and other sweet dishes in.

These are a few ways you can use zip ties to spice up your house decorations.