A dormer styled attic conversion is an extremely attractive choice for extending the available space in the house by creating additional headroom and floor area.

Essentially, this kind of conversion entails extending the current roof, which was made to project vertically by the side of this rooftop, which is normally at the back of the roof. For the best services, you can choosefinest loft conversions in Epping A Star Lofts Limited.

A completed conversion ends up using a flat ceiling and vertical walls and windows. Whereas, a number of the additional conversion choices lead to slanting walls that typically imply less usable ceiling and floor area.

Because of this remarkable increase in floor area, the dormer lofts are usually counted one of the most well-known kinds of loft designs out there.

A dormer attic conversion comes in a Variety of designs, configurations and sizes with the most Frequent styles comprising:

Flat Roof: A horizontal roof styled conversion is very likely to be the favored solution for anyone seeking to enjoy the maximum distance within home.

It's usually believed that the horizontal roof conversion is not the most appealing when seen externally, but it's the perfect option if the distance in the attic is not the greatest. 

Gable Fronted & Hipped Roof: This attic conversion, which can be also known as a puppy home dormer, provides a very pleasing appearance from beyond the house, but are not the most preferred design if you are expecting to find the maximum distance within the house.