With the popularity of preserved flowers, you might be tempted to learn how you too could be doing it. Instead of spending over a thousand dollars on ready made ones, why not make your own for half the price? It is easy too provided that you have everything needed. So what is needed to preserve flowers at home? You can find a complete list on this weblink but below is a short summary.

A shadow box frame, foam, scissors, cutter, tweezers, masking tape, glue gun and you are good to preserve flowers of your choice!

Step 1: Glue the foam to the base of the frame. Use your glue gun and try to place it at the center of the frame.

Step 2: Cut the foam. Make sure that there is a gap all around the foam and the frame. Try to make the gaps as even as possible so that it looks centered when it is finished.

Step 3: Make a burner to make room for the preserved flowers. Use the flower and the glass lid to measure how much to cut off.

Step 4: Use the masking tape to make a grid. This is to help you with the spacing and make sure the flowers are not too close together. If you want the flowers to be spaced out evenly, this is a good trick to use.

Step 5: use tweezers to make small holes in the foam. Preserved flowers are normally quite delicate and the stems are usually quite short. So, by doing this, the flower slots into the foam a lot easier. Remove masking tape and start decorating finely.