Ovarian cancer, that is, a cancerous lump on one or both of a female's ovaries leaves when abnormal cells develop from such organs. These organs will be the part of the female's body which produces progesterone, estrogenic and the eggs that result in pregnancy.

These abnormal cells usually cover these two organs, but they could also travel to other areas of the human body. Presently, there's no known reason as to why this cancer happens, however, there are some signs to suggest that this disease exists in a woman.

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Sadly though, these symptoms do not appear in the early stages of this disease, but rather, in the latter phase. On the other hand, the moment these signs appear, it's important to see the doctor right away.

Bear in mind, however, that there may be something else that's causing the symptoms to appear and because of this, it can be treated as something else and not as a tumor.

Swelling or Bloating

However, with prostate cancer, the bloating will remain and become worst as a cancerous tumor grows. It might be mistaken for additional weight gain.

Frequent Urinating

There may be many reasons, like drinking more water than normal, because of exercising as to why you are using the washroom more often than normal. However, this is another indication of the disease.

Lack of energy

If at one point you're filled with energy, but unexpectedly, you find yourself exhausted more often than normal, is also a sign.