Glass tiles have become more popular over the past few decades and can add sophistication and style to any bathroom or kitchen space.

Glass reflects the lighting making your room look bright and spacious. Glass tiles come in a huge variety of colors and styles that will suit any decor and they're also non porous and won't absorb water that makes them the perfect choice for the bathroom and kitchen areas.

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From the kitchen space particularly backsplashes can be made to a true focal point with glass and also in case your kitchen does not always capture the lighting, glass tiles can help by representing the lighting creating the kitchen look brighter.

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Color backed tiles are great for smaller kitchens and using bigger tiles can make the kitchen appear bigger. Though glass is much more often utilized in the kitchen and toilet area, it's actually acceptable for practically any room in the home.

There are particular sorts of glass which may be used on flooring but Glass isn't a suitable product for use on flooring only because it will become slippery when wet and because of this Glass tiles are typically restricted to the walls, backsplash regions of the countertops and kitchen.

Glass tiles can also be valuable since they're excellent at reducing the number of germs that could develop on tiles particularly in the bathroom area. They're also good at shielding wall surfaces since water can't penetrate them whatsoever.