When looking to add power to your engine, it's helpful to think of your engine as a big air pump. Air enters through an air filter then gets mixed with fuel in the carburetor. Once ignited in the combustion chamber it exits through the exhaust system. 

Much like any fluid, air may be controlled and efficacy endures due to restrictive atmosphere filters, cylinder heads, and exhaust systems. You can navigate to online resources and find out more information about 7.3 Powerstroke performance engines.

Removing this limitation is your aim in gaining additional horsepower from the engine. It is the simplest and cheapest to operate on each end of the machine. Intake and exhaust system updates are among the most popular and effective changes you can make into an engine.

Now we will discuss the ingestion system. The principle goal of the intake process would be to provide filtered air to the carburetor. Filtration is essential to long term, but like anything in life, there's a trade-off. The process of filtration comes at a price of air flow limitation ordinarily. To overcome this you may use a bigger filter or alternative filter media.

K&N filters are an instance of a brand new filter press that provides very little limitation to your incoming air. Utilizing an oil soaked filter press, the atmosphere is cleaned with very little if any limitation in air circulation.