Allergies are common in several people, in certain extreme cases they lead to an anaphylactic shock. At this phase the lifetime of the people is put in danger.

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How do allergies and asthma link?

For asthma sufferers, the receptors are often found at the airway tract. So whenever the allergen finds its own way to the respiratory tract, possibly because of swallowing or inhaling, it impacts an immune reaction against it. The responses usually are inflammation of airway, and tightening of the muscles.

Mucus can also be secreted, and this also causes difficulty breathing and leads to short breaths. The harshness of the reaction usually is dependent upon the person, and also the number of allergen that has been inhaled.

The most common signs of an asthma attack include the following: wheezing, short breaths, and coughing and chest tightness. A number of the most frequent food allergens include: peanuts, milk, egg, fish, cheese, wheat, and soy.

Other environmental pollutants include (believed not confined to) the following: tree and grass pollen, mould, dust, cat and pet dander, dust mites, chemical peels and perfumes. Various people will react to allergens otherwise.