Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is a brand new workout system created by Clark Shao, Jonny Catanzano, and Henry Tran. This crew of personal trainers have teamed up to create an efficient and effective three phase 90 day workout plan that helps men get ripped six pack abs. While the workout program is made for men in their late teenage years through mid-thirties, the program could also be used by women or older guys too.

One thing that makes Six Pack Shortcuts 2 stand out in the overcrowded fitness marketplace is the fact that you can do all of the workouts from home with minimal gym equipment. In fact, all you need is a set of dumbbells to do the workouts that Clark, Jonny, and Henry will be teaching you. For those of you guys who do have a gym membership Six Pack Shortcuts 2 features an optional Day 5 workout where some gym equipment is required. On this bonus day you'll learn how to build muscle implementing pause reps into your workout routine.

Another thing that makes Six Pack Shortcuts 2 unique from many workout plans is the guys who teach it. If you take a look at the background of these personal trainers and each of their bodies you can easily see that they practice what they preach. If you watch a few of their YouTube videos you'll see that the personal trainers in Six Pack Shortcuts 2 know what they are talking about and they are confident in giving advise to six pack hopefuls.

You can learn a whole lot more about what this new home workout program has to offer in the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 review 6 Pack Matt posted on his official website. Matt states that guys who get the program early will receive 50% off and they'll also get a nice set of bonuses with their purchase.