There are numerous things that cause road traffic injuries and listed below are a number of these. The primary cause is intoxication that's when folks drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

When drunk, motorists can't control vehicles nicely and this contributes to accidents. You can browse for making traffic plan.

Awful weather conditions would be another reason behind the accidents notably on the streets where a car collides with items in the area like walls.

Other weather conditions like black ice and flash flood aren't easy to escape when they've influenced the street surfaces.

Driver error is another principal source of road accidents and it entails unnecessary errors and carelessness such as driving too fast, falling asleep while driving, dangerous overtaking and after cars too tightly.

Distractions about something which is occurring inside or outside the vehicle by motorists keen to understand what's going on on the road also contributes to accidents.

Whatever requires a driver's eyes away from the street like having a cell phone, altering CDs and assessing in the dressing table mirror causes distractions which may result in road traffic injuries.

Another reason for road accidents is street design in which the street is badly equipped resulting in increased injuries in a certain place.

This particularly occurs in the turnings discovered on busy streets or badly positioned signals that could block the motorist in the intersections. The authorities or the government is responsible for such inferior street layouts.