The dream house is freehold and purchasing in Turkey is straightforward and easy if you understand how together with Turkish law relies on the constitution and regulation.

Below a bilateral arrangement between the United Kingdom and Turkey, current developments in Turkish legislation allow British citizens to purchase land in designated regions which we pay. To get more information about Turkish investment property you can explore .

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The obligations on you buy contract generally fall into four segments, and even though they may differ from builder to builder, so we’ll assist you whatever it’s.

First point payment

Second phase payment Based on time scales

Last payment when you get your Title Deeds (TAPU).

Real Estate

Your passport information is expected to buy a property alongside a neighborhood tax amount. We’ll require you to the taxation office to acquire a neighborhood tax amount for you.


Even though it isn’t mandatory to use an attorney in Turkey, we strongly advise that you do. We’ve got a board of Turkish attorneys should you opt to utilize one predicated either in Turkey and the United Kingdom. Turkish authorities buy tax is payable over the calculated and announced the price of your premises. 1.5percent is covered by the buyer and 1.5percent by the seller. An attorney will generally bill #500 for their solutions, to you want to bring the buy tax, lodging tax, water and power connections fees, notary charge and translation charges.