They state the best things in life are free. In the case of pre-paid legal plans, this might just be true.

Pre-paid legal plans offer a variety of legal services on-call for a fixed regular monthly charge of approximately $25 each month. With such a small month-to-month payment, many people are too delighted to get a legal protection they wouldn’t be able to get or dreamt of in the stultifying, money-grabbing world of legal representatives … However, did you know, you could get all that protection free of charge?

In a demand to cut on administration costs, companies, labor unions, and universities are now supplying legal services at discounted or for free to their members. Employers are progressively sponsoring legal procedures to their staff members as an additional benefit, as part of their Staff Member Assistance Program (EAP). Labor unions fund plans provided as member advantage, or under a collective bargaining plan, where the case of new members is qualified to big discount rates. Universities are equally as involved with legal procedures offered to students and staff.