Leadership development in many companies is like our educational system. It's antiquated and ineffective yet no one wants to change the process. Many leaders and managers in organizations will tell you that leadership development is important but one has to wonder if they really know how important leadership development is.

In most companies, a leadership training program is attending a three-day seminar or conference, taking a week-long class or completing an executive degree program on your own. There is nothing wrong with any of these activities but leadership development doesn't stop there.  

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Leadership development is similar to the example shown in the video. Leaders can't develop leaders from a distance. It is up close and personal. And it takes a lot of time, patience and investment. A lot of investment if these leaders are going to be successful.

But is the money and time spent on leadership development important? I've worked at least three different organizations that don't take leadership development seriously. I guess they thought a leader would just magically emerge, take over the company and steer the company in the right direction.

If you're not investing in training new leaders, you're planning for your company's or organization's decline and ultimate failure.

However, this is not the case in most organizations. In many companies, a leader is often chosen because of the current upper management like this particular person, regardless of his or her qualifications or leadership abilities.

And then there are organizations who have no succession plan in place and when the current leaders either leave, grow old or retire, there is a mad dash to hire a leader. And it's usually the least qualified person.