When bus transportation companies forget their duties to closely monitor their vehicles and their staff, the general public suffers the consequences. Bus companies, including the CTA, Metro, and other public transportation companies, are responsible for maintaining the upkeep of their bus fleet, hiring only qualified drivers, and making sure they follow all relevant rules and regulations.You can hire a Bus Accident Attorney via http://la.legal/los-angeles-bus-accident-lawyer/

Not only is the negligence a bus driver or company a danger to the passengers of the bus itself, but it is also a danger to the pedestrians or other vehicles on the road as well. Buses, due to their mass and speed of travel, can cause huge damage in an accident. When negligence occurs and the bus is unsafe due to reasons such as faulty parts or the negligence of the driver himself, injury and even death often occurs. A Chicago bus accident attorney should be contacted in such cases as they can help the victims gain financial compensation for their loss.

This negligence can range from inattention to dangerous roadways, distracted driving – texting while driving, driving while in violation of Hours of Service requirements, lack of proper maintenance of vehicle parts, etc. In an attempt to heighten profits and lessen expenses, transportation companies sometimes overlook serious problems with their vehicles or their staff, leading to accidents on the road which could easily have been avoided.