As the world relies more on data processing and other electronic equipment, facility executives are going to see more troubles – for example tenant decline, techniques failure, loss of data or data problem and, maybe, equipment downtime. No matter whether you operate a new facility or an existing building, it’s essential to understand what types of equipment will be utilized in the facility and if building equipment is sufficient to take care of the masses.


May an uninterrupted power (UPS) method or backup generator be fitted? Are systems that are sensitive, such as equipment, a part of the tenant’s operations? Because each office furniture method features a different means of supplying energy, actually the kind of furniture the tenant uses can have a result on systems design. You can also browse online resources to get more details on Power Problems (also known as ‘ปัญหาทางไฟฟ้า’)  in Thai language.

Facility executives also may want to limit the kinds of equipment a tenant could install to prevent disturbances to different tenants’ gear. As an example, the master might involve 12 -beat drives when variable frequency drives are used by the tenant simply because they develop lower harmonic distortion than six -pulse drives.