Display properties are homes that are built in a display village. These homes are designed to give customers an idea of what their house design will look like upon accomplishment. Buyers get a chance to walk into the house, observe the fittings, room sizes and where necessary, ask for aspects of the home to be altered to suit their needs.

Once they have observed at these houses, they can then choose whether or not they want to build a house with a similar design and whether the design will suit their needs. You can also go through http://www.zenunhomes.com.au/ if you are looking for a luxury Display Homes.

Usually, a builder will construct a display home and a depositor will then purchase the display home and lease this back to the builder to use in the display village. Builders typically look for areas where there is a big residential boom, and then begin construction.

After construction has been completed, builders may approach investors, or vice versa, to purchase the property, with a "lease-back option."


Investing in a display property is a great choice for investors who want a rental guarantee on a property at above market value. The property will stay in better condition than a regular rental, and it usually comes with added extra features and fittings.

However, as with any real estate endeavor in Australia, investors are wise to do their research before investing in a display home.