You might have been using the exact same washing machine since the first year of your marriage but you've not cleaned it up or anything.

However, what you might not understand or realize is that your washing machine might have been telling you that it has to care for more. That small, somewhat weird chugging sounds that you tried hard to dismiss may not have been easy sounds but signs of a larger problem.

Do wash all the washing machine parts

Do's and Donts in Caring for the Washing Machine

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You might think you're too lazy to try it, but let's be honest, who would be hardworking enough to constantly clean the pieces of the clothes washer? It can be tiring but we've to do it. Take a close look in your washing machine when you are using it.

Don't overload the washing machine

Some people might think that putting a lot of clothes into the laundry room bathtub will save energy and time because then the number of loads you need to wash will be restricted. Although it's okay to do so, you need to bear in mind that if the amount of clothes that you put in the bathtub exceeds its normal capacity, unpleasant consequences may follow.

Don't spill any chemical in your washing machine

What may look like a frequent incident might actually be one reason why the life of your clothes washer may shorten. Chemicals Including detergent and fabric conditioner may seem innocent and useful but what most people do not know is they contain corrosive compounds which are known to destroy appliances and it includes the washer.