Business cards carry the identity of the company. It represents the image of the organization to the viewer. It conveys the character and the vision of the venture. A professional card plays a vital part to communicate the essence of the business of the company. If you want more information about Business card you can go

 Create an Impression with Eco-Friendly Business Cards

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A marketer may play with colors, patterns, images, fonts and other elements to create an everlasting impression. Unique designing of these cards differentiate the cards from other opponents' cards. A marketer can design an eco-friendly expert card that is without health dangers.

Points to Consider for an eco-friendly professional card:

An eco-friendly card can be made easily with cost-effective materials. Some entrepreneurs favor using recycled paper for the purpose of producing the environment-friendly card. However, the recycled paper comprises a certain amount of Chlorine.

This compound is harmful to the health of the people. You need to inspect the quality of the paper before using it with your cards. The paper ought to be free of Chlorine chemical. An individual also needs to use an eco-friendly printer.

These printers use chemical-free newspapers and printing inks. A marketer must pick vegetable-based ink for printing purposes. There's petroleum-based ink which includes volatile organic chemicals in bigger quantity.

Some also utilize metallic inks which include the specific amount of metallic pigments. Such inks are harmful to the environment and health. The vegetable-based ink is made from corn oil or soya bean oil. These links don't harm the environment in any fashion.