No one likes shopping for washing machines, but when yours is beyond repair, it's something you must do. Many times, you can find a great machine at a great price if you take the time to search. Washing machines have evolved, and the standard machine of years past may not be what you are looking for. You can find all kinds of sizes, brands, colors, and prices. Some are heavy duty, and some are made especially for light loads.

If you have a smaller home like I do, you might want to consider getting a smaller washing machine. This is a good idea if you don’t mind doing smaller loads in exchange for saving some space. The model in my home has the dryer installed above it, and it takes up less space than a regular sized machine. It takes smaller loads, but does a great job cleaning my clothes, and can be as quiet as a mouse.

My mother has to have a larger machine, and she has one that can handle large, heavy loads. There are always greasy jeans laying in a pile waiting to be washed, and she knows she must have a machine that not only can handle the grease easily, it needs to wash a good number of jeans at one time. If you have this situation in your home, you need to find a large, heavy-duty model. Regular washing machines might not cut it for you. Click here for a great range of washing machines and other kitchen appliances.

Some of the newest models of washing machines are missing one very common element. Most older washers have an agitator in the middle of them. Newer models have a found a way to agitate the clothing during a wash cycle without having a large cylinder taking up space in the washer. You can find these in almost any store that sells washing machines, but remember that because these are new, they may cost you a little more. The higher price may be worth it if it saves you time and load space. 

Don’t forget to ask for different colors when buying washing machines. You can get them in a variety of colors to match your décor.  Even if your machine will be stashed away in the back of the house out of view, you may want to get something pleasing to your eye. Don’t choose color over quality though, and remember to ask about a good warranty. It is worth a few extra dollars to have a warranty you can count on.