If you think what you're using isn't good then you need to stop and consider your choices before you stop using what you're using to avoid a birth. Changing birth control isn't always as simple as merely stopping with something and beginning with a different. Some include hormones, and a few aren't as great as others.

If you are using the birth control pill and you also would like to switch to something else that's no active hormones, then you will not have too many troubles if you stop one and then start another method. If you have any trouble after using a birth control method and you want to file a complaint then you can contact us for a free case review.

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If you're on the pill but you want to switch to something such as the Depo shot, which also features hormones, altering birth control is a little more complex. In that condition, you should follow the directions provided by your doctor.

There will be lots of changes in your own body if you're altering birth control in the hormonal form to a kind like IUD. These changes may indicate that you return into a heavier period in the event that you used the pill to get lighter periods, or to avoid periods.

Consult with your physician about your motives for altering birth control. The physician will provide you with the solution which will be the best for you.