We all know that the activities in any factory set up involve huge quantities and heavy weight as the manufacturing and production takes places in bulk quantities. So, it is also quite obvious that the equipment and machinery must be capable of holding and carrying out heavy raw materials for fast production. The cables come in for great use in commercial and production units. The first and foremost use of the cable pushers is that they help carry heavy weight cables without manual labor.

Cable pushers have two parts

The cable pusher machines have two main parts and they are as- cable pusher and the power pack. The cable pushers helps carry and hold cables while the power pack provides electricity and the hydraulic power to move the pusher and use it with efficiency. The cable pusher comes with a holding cable that is placed at safe distance away from the cable pusher. This ensures that the machine operator is at a safe distance from the action area and does not get injured during an mishap.

Choose from the latest category

Technology keeps making machine effective and efficient for use as it just makes things better for the people. The latest cable pushers further reduce the manual labor and rather help focus on the activities while the machine does its job perfectly. The new and advanced pushers have great capacities and last longer for one cycle use.

Invest in the latest cable pusher 20kn top mount; it has best features for use in commercial areas.