Bone is living tissue that consistently undergoes changes – old bone is substituted by new bone. Osteoporosis is the most basic human bone disease and is categorized by low bone mass or bone mineral density and loss of bone tissue. Osteoporosis grows when bone that is lost is not swapped by new bone. This outcomes in a decreased bone mass and the increased risk for cracks. The many common causes of osteoporosis range from lack of physical stress on the bones, underfeeding, low hormone levels and old age. Another causes may be due to glucocorticoid treatment, where cortisol-like compounds, usually given to control inflammation, increase the rate of bone loss. You can take icariin 60 which has several health advantages.

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Osteoporosis was once observed as an ailment that primarily associated with older women due to lower levels of estrogen during the postmenopausal years. Estrogen causes intensified osteoblastic activity and after menopause, minimal estrogen is secreted from the ovaries. Although, as the appreciation of The Female Athlete Triad, osteoporosis, osteopenia, and strain ruptures are now a problem for much younger women. It is also apparent that more and more men appear to be appearing osteoporosis as well.

The NIH describes osteoporosis as a "skeletal disorder characterized by conceded bone strength predisposing to a high risk of fracture." A basic mistake is to think of osteoporosis simply as the outcome of bone loss. For people that never reach best bone mass, osteoporosis may improve without considerable bone loss. For further reading on osteoporosis, the NIH Consensus Statement at is an outstanding place to go with.