Why should people take their dogs to the dog spa? It cannot be that hard, isn't it? So said the new owners. Of course they'll think that way, they' ve probably never washed their dogs before, so they don't know how difficult the process would be. If only there is a dog language that we could learn, so we'll know why dogs struggle so much when we bathe them. What more do you want? I've already gave you the best dry dog food for Pitbull and the best flea collar for dogs!

We have interviewed some dog services center owners and learn about a proper way to bathe your dog. Of course they are experts at dog bathing, there are all kinds of dogs and owners come to them, of every size, breed and temperament. "I tell you, we get all kinds of customers here, the excited ones, the cocky ones, the scared ones. But no matter how they appear, they always find it intimidating to wash their dog. I have seen the most confident one there is getting all anxious when it comes to wash their dogs" They make it sound like a test of trust, tolerance and the friendship between the human and the furry friend. In fact, on a psychology view, it is in fact a mirror for the owner to look at how he or she deals with difficulty and conflicts in life. Your dog doesn't want to bathe, but you want to, the society wants to, and it's good for his health and your health, but he absolutely doesn't want it, and even looks like he's in pain. So what you're gonna do?

The experts suggest that whether the bathing session will be successful depends on the psychological relationship between the owner and the dog, as well as the ability to interpret each other's body language. Did you know that dogs read human body languages much better than we read their body languages?