Choose a colour theme and design everything around it

Make sure to not experiment excessively with the colours. For a king sized bedroom especially for the adults multi coloured decor would make things messy. Choose a styled theme and then design overall decor of the room keeping in mind the colours and style. Take for example rose gold a violet. Everything right from bed sheets, window coverings such as window roller blinds to wall paint should be in different shades of this dual coloured theme.

A spacious wardrobe that compliments the interior

There is an option. If there is enough space, then go for walk-in wardrobes or else go for a custom made wardrobe that matches with the theme and room decor.

Choose a subtle flooring

Flooring adds grace to overall interior. When the whole room is decorated with a certain type of wood say timber, a hardwood timber flooring will add serenity.

Look for most appropriate and matching window covering

For windows to look authentic choose the most suitable window covering. Do not compromise functionality over style. You may get wide variety of plantation shutters in Sydney to match interiors of your room. Compliment the same with matching Roller blinds available in sydney.

A classy lounge will enhance the comfort

Match your lounge with the bed. Add colour scheme chosen for the overall interiors. Do not make it congested.

How about adding some flavour with chandelier

Simple and medium sized chandelier will add royal look. A 5 spoke steel chandelier goes with every style.

A little work on ceiling

Fall ceiling is the latest trend people prefer these days. King size rooms happen to be spacious and royal designs may suit with the decor. If nothing else a little work on fall ceiling will enhance the ambience of the room. Polished timber can be used for fall ceiling. Or essentially match wooden material used with the floor and wood used for wardrobe.