The business went allin designing a range, when Nissan recommitted to the truck area. As you are probably aware by now, the Titan XD is Nissan’s tweener–a notquiteheavyduty however morethanlightduty “Xtra Duty” option from the fullsize truck area. Nothing is shared by the Titan XD chassis with the upcoming Titan, not the lug nuts. If not quite to the degree of today heavyduty pickups it is really in a class above the. By introducing the gas model Nissan has taken another step in the Titan rollout.
Under the hood of this gaspowered XD resides the next generation of Nissan’s allaluminum 32valve DOHC 5.6L Endurance V8, referred to as the VK56VD, backed by a slick JATCOsourced sevenspeed automatic transmission. While the firstgeneration VK56DE and new VK56VD cubes are alike, the VD adds direct injection, variable valve timing and lift (Nissan calls this VVEL) on the intake and exhaust side, an automatic transmission fluid warmer, and over 150 unique parts. Power jumps to 401 lbft of torque of DE engine and 390 hp, numbers achieved on petrol. This compares favorably to the 5.0L Cummins and it has 310 hp and 555 lbft of torque, and while the 5.6L isn’t a diesel, the gasoline V8 has a wide, flat torque curve for nearly all the power band. In keeping with the “American Titan” motif, the 5.6L engine is still produced in Decherd, Tennessee, at Nissan’s Powertrain Assembly Plant.
The Titan XD comes through the scales when armed with the gasoline engine. The weight loss is because of an engine and trans combo that’s about 300 pounds lighter, in addition to this DEF tank’s elimination and system, together with a exhaust installation. Due to this, gas trucks will benefit from a maximum payload compared to the petrol’s 2,091 pound maximum, of 2,594 pounds. However, the GCWR of the gas truck drops down towing to an 11,270pound max, compared to the petrol’s 12,314pound maximum.
Aside from systems and the powertrain, gas and XDs are indistinguishable. Axles are the identical AAM 9.84 units as the diesel XD, even though the gear ratio climbs to 3.36:1, compared with the diesel truck’s rather low 3.92:1. Brakes are also the identical big 14.17inch front and 14.37inch rear discs. The steering system, such as the steering gear ratio, is similarly shared with the diesel XD, as is the bed with its accessible LED lighting, optional Titan Boxes, Utilitrack railandcleat system, sprayin bedliner, 120V socket, twoway tailgate assist, and in the majority of trims, an integrated gooseneck hitch.
Stepping up into the cabin shows standard fare, without any adjustments over the XD, save for a 6,000rpm redline. The Zero Gravity chairs are a part of the Titan inside, as are quality materials along with an abundance of power outlets which have 120V, 12V, and USB. The column shifter is kept, which opens up the centre console for storage, and we love the feel of of the switchgear, adding to the Titan experience. Luxurious touches, such as a heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, and heated and cooled front seats, are readily available.
Complaints about the driver interface are minor, like our desire to have a bigger screen in the centre stack and also the ability to see what gear the transmission is in as it’s in “D.” We would also like to see powerfolding mirrors, as the large Titan XD can be somewhat challenging in tighter city parking spaces. Visit uws truck box if you are looking to buy a truck toolbox with drawers.
After pushing the start button that is dashmounted, the V8 comes to life and settles to a silent. The taxi is so silent that is some wind noise around the cushions. That’s it. Some of the rowdy V8 of the Titan is perceptible under wideopen throttle but the motor favors refinement over focus. Acceleration is noticeably faster in the lighter gas XD, and the sevenspeed transmission is a smooth operator that’s quick to change, always seeming to be in the proper equipment with none of the sometimes harsh and aggressive sense of the Aisin sixspeed that encircle the Cummins.
The suspension feels as though it breathes a little bit even though the steering effort stays and steering is responsive. It is not that the Cummins XD is rough or noisy it’s just that the gas version improves on these attributes of the XD.
The gas XD utilizes a samesize gas tank since the diesel, and we anticipate range to be more than 400 miles if our observed that is unscientific highway fuel economy of about 18 mpg holds true. Much like the Cummins XD, we believe an fuel tank at the 3035 gallon range ought to be offered, especially.
The Titan XD is lots of truck for your money with the engine that is optional, which value proposition gets better with the gas engine that is conventional. With a price of $ 35,290 to get a crew cab twowheel drive S version, the gasoline XD includes the five levels of S SL, PRO4X, and Platinum book and is $ 5,000 less expensive than the model. A Platinum Reserve XD Crew Cab 4×4 signifies the top of the range and can be had for only $55,520. Needless to say, the XD is available in drive and two, and on the way, King Cab versions and regular taxi are along with the crew cab.